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Small Business Bookkeeping ServicesGet Rid of the Accounting Headache

Ideal for businesses between $500K & $10M in revenues

Small business bookkeeping services are what we do best, but if you’re looking for basic bookkeeping, we’re not  a good fit for you. We’re passionate about  this stuff and go the extra mile.

What’s the most frustrating part of your business? Is it keeping the books?  Maybe you’re tired of fixing QuickBooks for the 100th time. Perhaps your current accountant makes too many excuses.  Our bookkeeping services will connect you with your finances.  We free you from your QuickBooks headaches, and give you the support your business deserves.

All of our small business bookkeeping services include:

  1. Complete data entry for your business
  2. Optimization of your QuickBooks file
  3. Reconciliation of your accounts each day, week or month
  4. Invoicing your customers or working with your invoicing staff to ensure it’s done correctly
  5. Payment of your bills each week or month
  6. Management of all your other daily, weekly or monthly bookkeeping tasks

Before you consider switching your company over to small business bookkeeping services, you probably have a few questions. No problem! Below are the 8 most common questions we get asked.

Small Business Bookkeeping Services FAQ

The 8 Most Common Questions:

  1. Is this only for small businesses?  No. In fact, our average client generate between 1 million and 7 million dollars a year in revenues. Our largest client is at 180 million a year in sales and we’re their complete accounting team.
  2. How do we get our documents to Ignite Spot? We have 3 different ways to send information to us.  You can use Dropbox, email them to us, or simply mail them. It’s easier thank you might think.
  3. How long does it take to get set up? Typically it takes about 2 weeks before we’re in full swing.  If your books are messy though, it could take longer.  During this setup phase, we will help you maintain your current accounting tasks as well.
  4. Why should I hire Ignite Spot over an in-house accountant? We’re usually 40% of the cost, we’re based in the United States and we have great tools like our profit coaching program to go above and beyond for you.
  5. Is there a contract? Absolutely not. We’re a month-to-month service and stand by our work.
  6. Are there setup fees?  If your books are messy when you engage with Ignite Spot, we can help you clean them up for a one-time fee. If your books are current, there is no setup fee. We’ve helped a lot of businesses cleanup years of poor accounting. If your books are in bad shape, don’t worry about it. We can get you current.
  7. How do I get access to my accounting software? In most cases, we will host your accounting software on our servers so that you can get access to it over the internet.
  8. Are we required to host our accounting software on the Ignite Spot Server? Not at all.


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