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Get a cash flow Excel tool to help you manage the financial position of your company. We've had thousands of entrepreneurs download this tool and love it.  When you fill out the form on the right, we'll send it to you immediately. 



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Why Get a FREE Cash Flow Tool From Us?


Free Cash Flow Tool

Most accounting firms charge thousands of dollars for tools like this. You can have it for free.

Easy to Learn

We've included a quick video to help you set it up (see below). Soon, you'll be a cash flow wizard.

Built in Excel

We built this tool in Excel so that you'll have ultimate flexibility with it. Expand and change as needed.

Loved by Thousands

Over the years, we've had thousands download this tool. It's by far our most popular resource.


CashFlow Forecasting Tools

When you fill out the form above, we'll send you a free cash flow excel tool to help you build out your cash flow models.  You'll also get a free video (see below) to help you learn how to do a cash flow forecast in Excel. As a business owner, there's a lot of decisions you need to make on a day-to-day basis, so having a powerful tool that you can turn to in those key moments will make a huge difference.

But is it worth all the effort? After all, having an accurate cash flow tool requires keeping the books updated as well as taking the time to fill it out every week. Most entrepreneurs we speak with are making complex financial decisions based on gut feelings and a quick glance at the bank account balance. That kind of strategy is a dangerous. Now you can develop a free cash flow forecast that will give you insight into the next twelve months of business.  So yes, it's worth the effort.

For those of you wanting a more custom approach, we offer CFO Services. If you hire us as a fractional CFO, we do the cash flow forecasting for you, along with several other strategic initiatives to build the wealth of your company. Learn more about our CFO services.

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“I love Ignite Spot. I've been with them for a while now and they're awesome. They organize my financial information so I can make better decisions for my business. I work with Tom and Guy for bookkeeping and John for tax services. Holly also checks in with me on a quarterly basis to make sure I'm satisfied with their services. My experience so far has been 5-star quality.“

Sean Sean Smith, Jungle Hustle

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