7 Things I Will Not Tolerate

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In life, you achieve whatever your lowest expectation is.  If you don't expect much, then guess what, that's what you're going to get.  In this video, I talk about the little evils that creep up in our day-to-day businesses that we learn to tolerate over time.  

drucker.jpgBusiness guru Peter Drucker once said, "Executives owe it to the organization and to their fellow workers not to tolerate nonperforming individuals in important jobs." 

What in your business is wrong, but you've learned to tolerate it? Do you have under performing individuals?  Is your accounting data inaccurate? What about your product? Does it deliver on its promise?  

Why Do Humans Tolerate The Unacceptable?

We don't make the conscious decision to put up with garbage. In the back of our minds, we always have the best of intentions to deal with it eventually.  But due to lack of courage or commitment, we put it on the back burner in favor of less important things like checking our email and staying updated on Facebook.  

We tolerate problems because we don't know where to start.  We make the process much bigger in our heads than it really is.  And we know this.  We know we're being irrational and childish, but we stand our ground.  

7 Things You Should Never Tolerate

I found a great article on Lifehack describing 20 things you should never tolerate.  Here's the link.  After reading it, I couldn't help but get amped up over several of them. Here are my favorites along with my opinions:


As an entrepreneur, you're wired to move and make change.  Never put up with inaction, it breeds a stale business and a stale life.  Move.

Fear of Change

We all know that change is a good thing, we just don't believe it until it happens.  Change hurts, but guess what, it's supposed to.  Change is catalyst for growth.  When I was a kid and I hit my growth spurts, I would get growing pains in my calves that kept me up all night long.  Was it worth it? You bet it was.

Poor Communication

This one is hard.  Everyone values communication differently, and most people don't value it at all.  The only thing they consider is their point of view.  I'm just as guilty of this during crucial conversations.  If  you get this one right, so many of your business problems would go away.


Have you heard of The Container Store? You need to go.  You're life will soon make sense once you do. Getting organized means one thing: productivity.  If you're going to create your life's masterpiece, you don't have time to rummage through boxes for that cable or tool.  Get this fixed.

Bad Eating Habits

Energy is what we're all after.  People are shooting 5-hour energy drinks and washing them down with Monsters left and right.  That should be a red flag.  Guess what, if you eat real food and cut out the garbage, you actually feel good.  No hacks needed. 

Compromised Integrity

The older I get, the more I realize how important this is.  My word is everything.  If I say I'm going to do it, then I'm going to do it.  

Abusive Relationships

You deserve to be surrounded by people that honor you.  And in turn, you should honor them.  If your relationships aren't right, nothing in your life is going to work.  Find true love and friendship because that's all that's going to matter on the last day of your spectacular life. 

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