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But that's not enough! We have an A+ BBB rating! To top that, we made the Inc. 5000 list! We're 2,977 on the list of the fastest-growing companies in America.

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Customer Success Stories

Over the last few years, we've made a difference in our client's lives. These are some of their real-life stories.

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20% Growth in Revenue

During the setup, we created a whole new COA with a cleaner view of revenue, COGS, and expenses. This allowed us to identify the best revenue streams to pursue. 
With this information, we were able to track profitability by client, and are currently working on some KPI's with the client to improve our reports.
This year we've seen a growth of 20% in revenue and also an increase in our net margin from 3.5% to 20% as of September 2019.

- Paulo Souza, Account Manager for Staying Ahead of the Game


$17,000 Surprise

When I met with one of my long-time clients, Mary Ann Wright, she said, "I received a call from someone that said there were a few thousand dollars in stock I owned and they could help me get if I called them back."
She thought it was a scam. Like many of us, she had received scam calls and figured this was another one. In this case, instead of saying to her "yeah, it's probably just a scam. Let's get back to taxes," I told her it sounded fishy. However, if there really was money out there for her that was legitimate, it should have been turned over to the state's division of unclaimed property. 
After our meeting, I contacted the Utah Division of Unclaimed Property and found that there were three reports of unclaimed property under her late husband's name related to Orbital ATK stock that he must have owned, and that she had no idea existed. I filed a claim for her with the Division to start the process of claiming the property.
In the end, she received $17,000 from the state after we were able to finalize her claim. 
-John Riggs, CPA and Director of Ignite Spot Tax Services

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No worries. Take a moment to read some of our accounting testimonials below. You can also look up our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as read some of the Google Reviews from existing customers.

You don’t have to pay a full salary for a great accountant, and yet you get all of that expertise.

Brock BlakeCEO of Lendio

I love Ignite Spot. I've been with them for a while now and they're awesome. They organize my financial information so I can make better decisions for my business. I work with Tom and Guy for bookkeeping and John for tax services. Holly also checks in with me on a quarterly basis to make sure I'm satisfied with their services. My experience so far has been 5-star quality.

Sean SmithJungle Hustle

Ignite Financial Services has been an integral part of GlobalED Solution's financial success. Initially, we were looking for general support for Quickbooks. Since that time, Ignite has introduced us to additional features that has strengthened and boosted our productivity. We are Impressed with Ignite and our representative's progressivism who offers superb customer service, knowledge, guidance, dependability and trust in the services delivered.

Dana LambertGlobalED Solutions

I’ve needed an accountant like this for a long time. I’ve finally found the perfect solution. Thanks Ignite Spot.

Eric SiuCEO of Single Grain

We've been an Ignite Spot client for one year. Tom Williams has been our contact since the beginning. He is super knowledgeable, very responsive, and delivers exactly what we need. I really enjoy talking with Tom and the others at Ignite Spot. The 'Lunch With a CFO' seminars are well done, so if you haven't checked them out, I strongly recommend that you do.

Scott BalthaserSyntelic

I believe it's important to express positive feedback. Things are going very well with Ignite Spot!

Christin MeizingerAP Keaton

Ignite Spot is exactly what I wanted. Stefanie is great. It has worked out perfectly. I can't say enough good things about them.

Chris GrantBig Dog Strategies

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that our Accountant Sarah is doing a great job for us. She is pro-active.

Mike MorrisOwner of Espresso Di' Milan



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