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Untitled-design-2_webWhen I start my workday, my computer greets me by name and reminds me that it's time to get productive. Does your computer do that for you? No? Shame. After this blog post, it will.

I'm absolutely fascinated with productivity and this Google Chrome Extension is right down my alley. As a business owner, I feel like my attention gets pulled in a million different directions. Employees have questions, customers need support, and so on. It can make for a busy day.

There was a study done at Michigan State University which found that distractions cause more errors in our work. In fact, even a three second distraction caused the participants in the study to double the rate of their errors. As an entrepreneur, your biggest task during the day is staying focused and growing your company. You can't afford an endless stream of distractions.

This Chrome extension will help you master your day. Without further ado, let's expose you to Momentum.

Meet Momentum - My Favorite Chrome Extension

When I came to work this morning and opened the internet, this is the first thing that I saw.


Momentum always displays a beautiful picture, welcomes me to work and asks the ultimate question...

"Good morning Eddy. What is your main focus for the day?"

Instantly my brain is focused. I'm not starting off my day digging through my email inbox. Im not surfing Facebook. Crap, I don't even have time to hang out at the water cooler. My computer wants to know what I'm going to achieve today.

Momentum: Eddy, what are you going to accomplish today?

Eddy: Gee Momentum, I don't know. I was going to burn through my email inbox for hours and see how far that got me.

Momentum: Wrong. Try again.

Eddy: How about starting the day off easy by checking out Facebook? It wouldn't hurt to clear out the millions of invitations people have sent me to play Candy Crush.

Momentum: Nope.

Eddy: Hmmm. How about finally customizing our CRM so that it supports our marketing and sales team.

Momentum: Good boy. Git R' Done!

And that's the magic of Momentum. It forces you to think of your most valuable accomplishment at the beginning of your day and then commit to it. How wonderful is that? Instead of getting lost in my inbox for the first chunk of my day, I'm positioned to actually accomplish something. Boom baby!

Get Productive - Limit Yourself to 3


In the lower right hand corner of Momentum, there's a place to make a to do list. I firmly believe that we all use to do lists incorrectly. We fill them with unnecessary crap. Small toxic events that waste our time and add little to no value to life.

If you want to get productive, commit to 3. Never put more than 3 tasks on your to do list a day. Doing so makes you consider only the things that will really make a difference. It's easy to get carried away with to do lists and, with the best of intentions, end up with 15 - 20 things that "must" get done for the day. Sound familiar? The problem is that none of them get done. The brain gets overloaded. It's the exact opposite of productivity.

It's also important to avoid fires here. Try to make your 3 accomplishments things that will improve the system, your life, your job, etc.

Let me ask you a question. If you were able to get 3 extremely valuable things done each day, where would you be in a year? Where would your business be? I can tell you this... You'll be miles and miles ahead of where you are right now and that is an amazing feeling.

Get ProductiveHow I Use Momentum to Master My Day

Step #1 - Smile when I log in

Some days I come to work and I have a lot on my mind. When I log in, Momentum always brings a smile. Why wouldn't it? My computer is saying hello Eddy, it's time to kick butt. What are we going to do today? Seeing that screen always brings a smile to my face. Awesome.

Step # 2- Commit to the most important deliverable for my day

I like to turn on some music to get the creative juices flowing. Once I get my head in the right spot, I ask myself "What should I accomplish today?"

Focus on the word valuable. Not urgent. We all have urgent things that need to be done. Instead, think of something that will improve your business, your job, your customers experience, etc.

[Tweet "I own this day. I'm going to create value instead of put out fires!"]

Step #3 - Create no more than 3 to-do tasks that make the world a better place

This part is usually the hardest for me. Again, I want to add a million things to my to do list. I always brain dump and realize that I have a lot to do. However, my commitment to accomplishing 3 great things each day is life changing.

Step #4 - Get Those Boxes Checked

Before I clock out for the day, I make sure I've completed my 3 objectives. Like most human beings, I get distracted and end up putting out fires. That's why I love this Chrome extension. I have a desk job, so almost everything I do requires the internet. When a distraction comes, I open the internet to fix it and guess what I see... Momentum reminding me to stay focused. It doesn't get any better than that people.

How to Set Up Momentum

  1. To get the extension, you're going to need Chrome. It's Google's version of an internet browser, much like Internet Explorer - only better. I hate IE with a passion. Sorry to the IE fans out there, but let's be honest... It sucks. If you don't have Chrome, you can download it here.
  2. Once you have Chrome, click on the the stacked lines in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Google Chrome SettingsThen click on settings.
  4. On the left hand side of the settings page, you should see a link to extensions.
  5. Google Chrome ExtensionsScroll down and go to "Get more extensions".
  6. Search for Momentum.
  7. Click the Free Button and install.

Get Momentum

When you use Momentum for the first time, it will ask for your name. Simply type it into the screen and you're off to the races.

What Do You Think of Momentum?

I would love to hear your thoughts on Momentum.

Leave me a comment below. If you're geeked up on productivity, don't be shy. Let's hear from you!