Small Business Bookkeeping Help - 3 Reasons It May Not Be a Fit

| April 17, 2012 | By

Ignite Spot, and for that matter, all small business bookkeeping help may not be the right fit for your company. Most people know that they need an accountant, but to what extent?

If you are on the edge of determining your accounting needs, we hope that this article will help you determine which way to go.

I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but I can speak for our company. Here at Ignite Spot, we consistently work with business owners who are shocked to hear “We may not be the right solution for you” coming out of our mouths. For certain companies, trying to make us fit in your organization is like putting a square into a round hole. However, if there is a fit, the relationship provides the business owner with a strong accounting system, more free time, and the financial tools he or she needs to run a company. So what would make us unfit for your organization you ask?

Here are 3 hints that small business bookkeeping help are not designed for you

Price constraints

We are not the cheapest guys in town, nor are we built to be. Our services are designed to grow your company through powerful accounting, margin analysis, consulting, and much more. That doesn’t mean to say that we are going to cost an arm and a leg, but we are also not $99 a month. There are a lot of companies out there that will do a basic bookkeeping service for that. Our goal is not to be the basic bookkeeper. Our goal is to double the size of your company this year.


Stagnant companies

We work with businesses who desperately want to grow. If you are happy with how things are in your company, we may not be the right fit for you. Our number one desire in a client is that he or she has an intense desire to build their companies, become more profitable, and grow their empires. That mindset isn’t for everyone. For many, business as usual is the goal and we salute those business owners…we just aren’t the best accountants for them.



Although we work with businesses of all sizes, we fit very nicely into companies that are doing between $500k to $5M a year in revenues. Companies smaller than that need to focus their funds on client acquisition and quality. Companies larger than $5M a year tend to hire in-house or use us as a supplement to their in-house accounting department. In such instances, we fit in nicely as a CFO.


Regardless of where your business is, make sure that you properly invest your funds for company growth. Don’t use small business bookkeeping services just because you hate doing the books yourself…only do it if you want to expand your business and grow through additional resources, consulting, and financial control.

Ignite Spot provides small business bookkeeping services to growing companies throughout the nation. If your business is ready to grow, but unsure of how to financially make it happen, consider calling us for a free consultation. Our CFOs are ready to help and act as a trusted advisor in the growth of your business. Call us today at 801-336-5311.

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