Why Boring Is Profitable

| April 26, 2016 | By
Why Boring Is Profitable

You know those boring tasks in your business, the ones that you hate doing? Quite often, they're the tasks that bring the money in the door.  Doing things like accounting and bookkeeping, interviewing, and quality control are all important.  They also have one thing in common - they're not sexy.  

The Sexy Entrepreneur

A lot of people are attracted to the entrepreneur lifestyle for its apparent freedom and creativity.  The magazines and blog posts make it look so darn amazing.  To be honest, there is an element of sexiness to it.  Yes, I do have some freedom to make decisions and be in control of my own destiny.  Yes, I do set my own work hours.  Yes, I love the marketing aspect of my company.  But those things only last so long.  After a while, the boring tasks start nagging at you, and you know in the back of your head that if you don't tend to them, you'll go down with the ship. 

The Boring, Yet Profitable Entrepreneur

If you embrace the boring in your business, you'll thrive as a company.  Dig into the finances, create analytics, and develop better processes to get a task done. It's in those moments that your business becomes more stable and profitable.  

Eric Ries, in his book The Lean Startupdescribes how "boring is important".  He discovered that the management side of a company is the key to its longevity.  If you manage your business, you'll have a much better chance of building a thriving company.  

In Today's Episode of The Profitable Entrepreneur

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Episode one is about how "boring is profitable".  I had to spend an entire day doing interviews, which I really hate doing.  They're expensive, exhausting and time consuming.  It can be frustrating when you go through a round of interviews with little to show for it.  You'll also see one of our staff get peed on by a flying squirrel and you'll watch as a surprise package shows up at my office. 

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