2011 Tax Preparation Checklist - Get the BIGGEST Return Possible

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2011 Tax Preparation Checklist - Get the BIGGEST Return Possible

Your 2011 Tax Preparation Checklist Made Easy

You want Uncle Sam to send you a big return this year…right? Oh the things you could do with some extra cash. To help out, we have put together a 2011 tax preparation checklist. In this infographic, you’ll find the following little goodies:


  • The 2011 standard deduction amounts for the year
  • Some of the most commonly missed tax deductions
  • A list of useful tax credits
  • A 2011 tax preparation checklist to get all your documents in order
  • A quick description of deductions vs. credits
  • Some fun facts that will blow your mind
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There are a lot of strategies to consider given your individual circumstance. As such, this post is not able to cover every possible area of your needs. It is always a good idea to speak with a Tax Professional when you begin your return if you want to capture more tax credits. If you would like to get a FREE tax consultation, feel free to call us and our in-house CPA division can answer your questions. Simply call 801-336-5311. When you call, we can help you get organized with the tax preparation checklist if needed.

Tax preparation checklist for 2011


Sometimes your situation gets too complicated for Turbo Tax or H&R Block. This is usually the case if you:

  • Own a growing business and want to increase you tax deductions
  • Have had complicated personal transactions including the sale of stock or other assets
  • If you have prematurely withdrew funds from your IRA and want to get the best advice possible
  • You simply want to know that you are getting the best support, and you want a professional that is dedicated to that goal
If you meet any of these circumstances, feel free to call us. We're always here for you.


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