How to Beat Entrepreneur Fear

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How to Beat Entrepreneur Fear

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. You should be proud that you're a part of the club. Whether you're just getting started, or you've been at it for decades, you have something to offer the world and you're not afraid to make it happen.

There's a catch to being an entrepreneur though, and it's not pretty. Are you ready for it? The catch is that it can be lonely. If you've been at if for a while, you know what I mean. When you're at your lowest point, who do you turn to? You can't complain to your staff because that will send them into a spasm of unproductivity. You can't complain to your spouse because he or she will worry that the business is going under and all is lost.

All day long it's your job to lead, to inspire, and to lift everyone around you. It's a skill that you have. If it wasn't, you wouldn't be an entrepreneur. For whatever reason, people gravitate to you and your idea.

But that's our job as entrepreneurs and leaders, to be the ones who move forward and change the world. Unfortunately, you have bad days too. So what do you do when you need help? You can turn to your mentors, but even then, something inside of you says that you shouldn't bring misery to those relationships. You want to use your mentors for something other than a shoulder to cry on.

Do you want to know the secret? If you're looking for a magic pill that will make you happy, I actually have it. The answer is that you turn to yourself. When everything is falling down around you, you need to turn to your true self, the one that had the guts and courage to change the world. That true you, the one that's afraid of nothing, can get out of any impossible situation.

How I Beat My Entrepreneur Fear

Below is my "ritual" for managing my fears and stepping up at Ignite Spot. Notice that it forces me to get out of my chair, out of my train of miserable thought, and into a better state.

1. Turn on my favorite music (preferably Thunderstruck by AC/DC)

2. Stand strong, pull my shoulders back, head on straight and spine erect.

3. Think about all of the things that I'm grateful for. On really bad days, you have to dig, but they are there.

4. Breath deep in my diaphragm for 10 breaths.

5. Tell myself with absolute certainty that I've got this.

6.  Jump up and down to get some movement going.  There's power in getting blood and oxygen flowing.  

This might sound hokey to you, but I don't care. It works. Oh, and guess what, I do this several times a day. The art of standing strong and getting certain makes you unstoppable. If you don't do this, what's the alternative? What are you doing right now when things go down the crapper? Do your shoulders slump? Do you breath shallow? Is the voice in your head certain of success of certain of failure?

I don't know about you, but as an entrepreneur I don't have time to wallow in misery. If you choose to do that, you'll get miserable results. Change your focus, get strong, and get certain and you'll own your day.

p.s. Since your job as the leader of your company is to keep energy and inspiration flowing in your organization, don't you think that this exercise will help refill your tank?

Now go and get it done, and don't forget that you rock.


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