Marc Ensign Video Interview: End Your Robotic Brand Voice

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Using social media is for kids and teens...or so you'd like to continue to believe. I know, tweeting just sounds like something kids do when they get flustered over the latest Imagine Dragon music video. The last thing you want to do is waste your time with such immature antics while you're doing grown up things like building a business that will change the world. 

Did you know your customers are all over social media, using it to find answers to questions and problems? Questions and problems that you and your business can solve.

What's that? You're not sure what to post and how to share it? Worried that your social capabilites aren't up to snuff? No worries. Marc Ensign, who is currently working on saving the internet, has got your back: "it's not rocket science." He explains why...

Despite the internet's digital presence, it's still possible to be a human online. Marc gives CEOs a strong business reason to be on social, and how to really make it work. Sounds cheesy, but: just be yourself really works here. Otherwise, you will sound like an automated robot and social media will be a self-fulfilling disaster. Follow Marc on Twitter and see how it's done. 

Learn How To Be Human On the Internet:

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About Marc: He works with either small businesses or the marketing team of large businesses in order to create a massive plan of action around their digital marketing efforts. The goal is to create the strategies to leverage technology such as web design, search engine optimization and social media in order to build a strong and vibrant community.

Some of our favorite advice from Marc comes from this blog post:


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