10 Heck Yeah's for Outsourced Accounting Services

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10 Heck Yeah's for Outsourced Accounting Services

Why should a business owner consider outsourced accounting services? We get asked this question a lot, so some of the staff at Ignite Spot decided to answer it in the video below.

Think of how we used to do business. Today feels like a science fiction novel compared to what it used to . With all of the advances in technology, you no longer need an accountant in-house. But is it a good idea for your business? Hopefully these 10 reasons will help you decide.



Reason #1: Affordable

Outsourced accounting services should be more affordable than hiring someone in-house. For a full review on this, check out our article on bookkeeping services fees.  In this article, we also point you to a list of several accounting companies that you can research, including Ignite Spot. As a rule of thumb, you should be around 40-60% of the cost of in-house employees, assuming you get a good company on your side. 

Reason #2: Processes

One of the main reasons for hiring a firm should be the systems that they have built. Any good firm will have processes in place for standard accounting tasks like paying the bills, invoicing customers and reconciling accounts.  This means that you can avoid the headache of recreating the wheel here. 

Reason #3: Experienced

The addage is "hire people that are better than yourself." When you turn to an accounting company, their staff should be trained, certified and knowledgable.  This is what they do all day long so they're going to be great at it. This also means that you'll be able to get an expert at a great price versus an in-house employee with little to no experience. 

Reason #4: Get Organized


A full outsourced accounting services package should make it possible for you to relax at the end of the year.  If they've been doing their job, there's very little if anything that you'll need to do to get ready for taxes.  That's a lovely feeling. 

Reason #5: CPA Approved

A reputable firm will have CPAs overseeing the work.  Make sure that you understand who the management team is and what their roles are.  Also, if you decide to use your own CPA, he or she will be able to work with your outsourced accounting team to prepare the taxes.  That makes life very easy. 

Reason #6: Reliability

Employees get sick, go on vacation and have bad days.  When you're paying for outsourced accounting services, you should get reliable support.  Afterall, you're their customer.  This means that if their employee gets sick or go on vacation, they should be organized and have secondary staff trained to support you. 

Reason #7: It Makes Everything Better

You don't have time to deal with accounting tasks.  You do need to stay informed, get reports and be in control, but you don't need to be reconciling bank accounts late at night.  Let the accountants do that stuff. 

Reason #8: Internet


Many outsourced accounting firms will have software platforms that make it easy to access your accounting files via the internet.  

Reason #9: No HR Headaches

Once again, you're a customer in this relationship and not the employer.  That means that you'll be treated like a customer.  Support is crucial, otherwise you'll move on to greener pastures. 

Reason #: 10 Responsibility

Last, but not least, is responsibility.  This means that the accountants doing the work take, or at least, share in the liability of the financial information.  That means that when yo get tax notices or other nasty things in the mail, you can turn to your accountant and say "deal with this".

Yes the world of outsourcing is here.  It has come a long way since it started getting traction in the 90's.  if you do decide to go down this road, ask a lot of questions and look for a solution that will scale with your business.  Remember, not all accountants are good accountants so look for one that rocks. 


Happy accountant hunting!


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