7 Steps to Productive Employees

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7 Steps to Productive Employees

I ‘m currently reading a book called ‘Mistborn’ which is a fantasy book about a race of people that “burn” different types of metals in order give them certain powers and strengths. A major theme of ‘Mistborn’ is a thick mist that falls onto the cities every night. People avoid the mist believing that it is full of dangers that can steal their souls. Within the work place this same fog can occur; you can even feel and see the tension.

This post gives you 7 tips on how to clear out the fog and get more done:

Step #1: Productive Employees are Still Individuals

Once we place people into traditional diversity boxes we cut off their creativity. Letting them be themselves shows their strengths which you can use to your advantage. To facilitate this, ensure there is an open environment. Ask productive employees about their personal life and share yours. Engage is social interaction outside of work. For example we recently did a mud run as a team.

Step #2: Transparency

Ensure there is an open honest line of communication keeping your employees informed on all areas of the company. Guarantee employees know that their opinions are heard and considered, and that you want to know what they are thinking. Employees will feel trusted and respected and you will gain the same in return.

Productive EmployeesStep #3: Support Their Career Path

The employee-employer relationship is shifting from what value you can extract from an employee to what you can instill in them. Continually train your employees and offer apprenticeships. You’ll create more valuable team members.

Step #4: Productive Employees Need a Bigger Picture

Don’t make the reason behind your business what you do, but rather why you do it. For example: We could either say, “At Ignite Spot we are an outsourcing accounting firm.” Or we could say, “Here at Ignite Spot we help Entrepreneurs reach their dreams.” Which one do you think is more motivating?

If you struggle in this are, check out our blog post on empowering employees.

Step #5: Ensure There is a Purpose Behind Every Task

There’s nothing more irritating then busy work. Ask these questions about each task:

  • “Does this make sense?”
  • “Why do we do it this way?”

Once you understand these questions, make sure your employees understand why they’re doing each task.

Step #6: Get Rid of Useless Rules

Make rules that make sense. By explaining the reason behind each rule, productive employees will see them less as a constraint and more as a support system.

Step #7: Demonstrate appreciation for contributions big and small

Remember to give productive employees credit for their contributions. Even just a simple Thank You goes a long way.

Hopefully this article has given you additional ideas on how to engage your employees and make them more emotionally connected to the workplace.

I don’t know about you, but I hate working in the fog.

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