Tips for Planning a Week

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Tips for Planning a Week

How to Plan a WeekToday's blog post is about getting the most out of your day. I love the picture to the right. I think it describes how a lot of people feel. For many, the goal is to get through the day. That's a terrible way to live but we all fall into the trap of "too much" at times.

With that in mind, let's check out some of the tips for planning a week.

I’m a big fan of penciling in time for vices, but another thing that impacts my schedule is when I’m motivated to do certain tasks. By basing your workdays and workweeks around your motivations, you're more likely to hit your goals.

Tips for Planning a Week:

      • Make a list of how you feel at different points during the day. Keep a log for a week and take note of any trends. For example, you might feel inspired and excited in the mornings, whereas right after lunch you might feel some lag time.
      • List everything you want to accomplish this week. This includes the basic business needs like answering emails, going to meetings and making sales calls. For example, you might be required to spend 2 hours per day making cold calls, or at least 4 hours per week managing accounts. You may even have items that don’t have a set amount of time, like responding to customer reviews or answering email. The point here is to acknowledge it.
      • After you’ve created both lists, put them side-by-side and figure out how your list of tasks fits into your list of feelings and motivations. This means you’re basing your day, and subsequently your week, around the times that best suit your internal clock, and not the other way around. Let’s go back to that example of inspired mornings. Why not take that time to do something creative like map out a new process to simplify ordering or plan out a big picture approach to sales? Right after lunch, when you’re feeling some lag, you can use that time to go for a 10 minute walk around the block, crank up some music and get re-energized for the day.

Plan your week based on how each task fits into how you’re feeling at a certain points in the day. Try it for one week and see how your productivity increases. It might take some shifting and some discomfort at first, but once you get into the flow of your motivation, you’ll be unstoppable.

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