Accounting for Advertising Agencies

We do a lot of accounting for advertising agencies here at Ignite Spot. If you're in the marketing and advertising industry, the tips and tools below should help you to build an accounting platform worthy of your amazing brand.  You do great work, it's time that you get paid for it.


Accounts Receivable playbook for Your Advertising Agency

If you own a marketing agency, then you likely understand the importance of freeing up cash flow to keep your operations going and to drive future growth. However, achieving this goal requires optimizing your accounts receivable strategy so you can invoice faster and more accurately.

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How to Track Advertising Agency Expenses with Credit Cards

In your firm, you often have to take clients out to dinner or travel more than you want in order to close that special account.  When your staff incurs these expense, you need to be able to tie them to specific projects as well as control the amounts spent.  In this article, you'll learn how to use credit cards to reign in your expenses and manage them properly.

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QuickBooks for Advertising Agencies

We love QuickBooks for advertising agencies because it's flexible and portable.  You can use it to manage cash flows, streamline client invoicing, and control all of your expenses.  In this article, we cover a few of the reasons why you might want to consider this software as your home base for all things financial.

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How to Calculate Marketing Campign ROI

As an advertising agency, your biggest issue is proving your worth to your clients. Sure, your work is beautiful and a lot of time went into generating the ad or the display, but does it create more money for your clients? It's your responsibility to track the success of a campaign from a financial perspective so that your clients never have to wonder if you're worth the investment. 

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