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Your Ignite Spot Tax Consultant analyzes your tax liability each quarter, and builds a strategy to minimize how much you pay. Then we file the returns to keep your business compliant.


Erase Your Tax Frustrations

We're excited to build the best possible tax strategy for your company. 

Small business tax preparation must be pared with quality consulting if you're going to succeed as an entrepreneur. Our platform is built on this idea.  

You need to know what's going on.  Without a plan, taxes can destroy the growth trajectory of any business.

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 John S. Riggs, CPA - Director of Tax Services



Tame the Tax Return


 Your tax accountant is a crucial part of your organization.  He or she must provide clear and timely advice on how to manage your tax liabilities. 

If you've been in business for long enough, you'll find that your tax return can become a make-or-break moment each year for your company. 

Get your taxes wrong, and your cashflow and business will suffer for months or years to come. 

Get rid of your tax stress by working with an Ignite Spot CPA.


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Built by CPAs

cpa_us_logo_large.gifHaving an experienced CPA support your business makes a huge difference in the tax strategy you apply for the coming years.  You need a plan and a professional to keep the plan on track.  Small business tax preparation is only part of the equation. 

At Ignite Spot, we do more than just prepare your tax return.  You get a tax partner to help you throughout the year.  Each quarter, your tax consultant will analyze your tax strategy and meet with you to discuss your options.  

From now on, you'll know what your tax liability is and you'll have a plan to manage it. 


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As one of the most affordable and experienced tax firms for entrepreneurs, we are geared to serve you and your business at our highest level. We do small business income tax returns so that you don’t have to.

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