CFO Services: Break-Even Analysis

break-even-analysisWith costs constantly fluctuating, how much do you need to sell to come out ahead?


Your accounting system does not need to be complex for you to be profitable. You do however need to know key business metrics so that you can adjust when needed. Knowing your break-even point is one of those metrics. 

Most business owners don't know their break-even point. They have a rough guess, a gut feeling, but nothing more.  Is it any wonder why so many businesses close their doors? Having a gut feeling is no way to run a company.  As the CEO, you need to know the vital stats for your company so that you can improve them.  That kind of foresight and planning is what keeps a business profitable.

What You Get with Your Break-Even Analysis:

  1. An analysis of your cost structure, gross margin, and overhead requirements. 
  2. Calculation and analysis of your break-even point. 
  3. Weekly or monthly coaching calls to help lower your break-even point.

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