Payroll for Small Business

Payroll-for-small-businessOur business partnership with Paychex means that you get the best in payroll services.


We have a key partnership with Paychex, one of the nations largest payroll providers.  

We're honored to offer their services to our clients.  Since 2008, they have managed the payroll needs of our customers.  

Our relationship allows us to tie into their software so that we can help manage, report, and reconcile your payroll transactions with your accounting software.  

When you run your payroll through Paychex, you'll get a complete payroll service.  The 940, 941, and other payroll tax returns will also be completed for your business.  

We also get a discount through our relationship which gets passed directly to you. 

What You Get with Your Payroll Service:

  1. Online access to the Paychex system.
  2. A complete payroll solution.
  3. Direct deposit for your employees.
  4. Completion of all payroll tax returns including your 940 and 941 forms.
  5. A payroll specialist that will support your business. 

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