What is Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA)?

Written by Eddy Hood

FUTAThe Federal Unemployment Tax Act has provisions for people who have lost their jobs. Unemployed people can receive unemployment compensation under FUTA and state unemployment systems. If you have employees, federal and state systems require you to pay unemployment taxes to contribute to these funds. You might use a FUTA tax calculator to find out how much you owe. Employees do not contribute a percentage of wages in FUTA tax; only employers are required to pay these taxes.

What is FUTA Tax?

Employers may ask themselves, "What is FUTA tax?" It's important for employers to learn about FUTA tax to ensure compliance with these laws. For every calendar year, the federal government imposes a tax that is a percentage of wages paid to employees if the employment meets federal requirements. Requirements for FUTA tax change annually, so check Internal Revenue Service guidelines to determine whether you owe FUTA taxes.

How to Calculate FUTA Tax

Once you learn the basics of FUTA tax, your next concern may be how to calculate FUTA tax. The IRS provides specific instructions for this tax; however, tax calculations can be challenging for many people. Ignite Spot's outsourced accounting services may be the answer to your tax questions. The Ignite Spot team is ready and able to assist you with these accounting services. Our outsourced bookkeeping firm specializes in assisting small business owners with every type of accounting task associated with owning a business, including tax preparation. Learn more about our company history to see exactly where we began and how we promise expert assistance with every facet of your company's accounting.

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping

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