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Internet_resources_for_accounting_majors Written by Eddy Hood

When pursuing a new career path, it is important that all aspects of the field are thoroughly explored to make sure the career will be a good fit for an individual's personality, particular skill set, and educational background. For those interested in accounting, there are several different aspects to explore. First and foremost, strong mathematical skills and the ability to pay attention to small details are a necessity for a successful accounting or bookkeeping career. These skills are the focus of any good accounting educational program. The specific type of educational program an accounting major should choose, however, depends specifically on their state's requirements and the specific field of accounting in which they wish to practice.

There are associate's degrees offered in the field of accounting, however accountants typically have a bachelor's degree. Because of this, it is generally recommended that those looking to start a career in accounting pursue a program that offers a bachelor's degree. Certain states may require further education for someone to become an accountant, however, so it is necessary to look into specific state requirements before committing to a specific accounting program or degree. This ensures that opportunities in the field will be available after graduation. Often, those with accounting degrees choose to further their career by becoming a "Certified Public Accountant" (CPA). A CPA must pass an examination and meet other requirements (such as working with a licensed CPA for a specific amount of hours) to become licensed. Certified accountants are less limited than general accountants in the field, and they are less restricted legally in the tasks that they are able to do.

Whether a general accountant or a CPA, there are many career options available to those in the field of bookkeeping. Accountants may choose to work with a branch of the government, with private parties or with businesses. Some of the most popular career fields for accountants include forensic accounting, public accounting, financial planning and auditing. In forensic accounting, accountants investigate the financial situations of a company. Forensic accountants often aid in discovering fraud or embezzlement scandals. Fields such as public accounting and auditing, focus more on examining business expenses and assisting the business owners with making the best financial decisions for their businesses. Accountants are also often employed by people to help them manage their investments and retirement accounts, and to help them with preparing income tax returns. Accountants are vital to the world of business and finance, regardless of which fields they work in.

If numbers, organization, and attention to small details come easily to an individual, it is likely that they will experience great success as an accountant. With such a variety of career options in the field of accounting and bookkeeping, those equipped with the proper skills and education generally are able to find a specific sub-category of accounting that they are very passionate about. Accountants are highly in demand and the outlook for those in the field is great, as accounting practices generally adjust well to any new technologies.

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