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Controllers are the glue that binds the accounting team together. We provide strategic oversight and sound advice to bookkeepers and accountants to build your company’s financial future.

What Is a Controller in Accounting?

A controller oversees the accounting system. They’re responsible for managing the financial strategy and accounting system, determining financial goals along the way. A controller provides a layer of accountability for bookkeepers and accountants, ensuring that each is doing the required work—from keeping up with timelines to adhering to financial expectations to compiling reports—to reach the company’s goals on time.

A controller:

  • Sees strategic goals through to completion.
  • Tracks the company’s overall budget.
  • Ensures you’re hitting your budget and margins.

While not ideal, it’s worth noting that if needed, a controller can also do an accountant’s job, such as close the books.

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Meet Your Needs with Outsourced Controller Services

At Ignite Spot, we know your controller is your right hand. Our outsourced controller services act as your partner so your company can stick to its financial strategy and propel forward to achieve larger goals.


Day-to-Day Financial Operations

With a professional controller, you have someone to advise you on the company’s finances. Our controllers keep a pulse on your financial outlook and manage bookkeepers and accountants.


Budgetary Oversight

You need to make sure everything happens when and how it’s supposed to. Controllers create policies and procedures for financial management and sign off on financial reporting.


Accounting Compliance

Controllers know tax and financial compliance requirements inside and out. Yours will ensure that your company follows defined processes for keeping track of revenue, expenses, assets, and liabilities, so you stay in compliance.


Deadline Management

Missed deadlines aren’t good for daily operations, and they’re not good for accounting either. A controller ensures that your reports and other accounting tasks are done on time, so you never have to worry.


Financial Accountability

Expert controllers recognize that financial accountability is essential to implementing effective financial processes. Our controllers help you stay accountable to financial goals set by management.


Accounting Process Design

Your business strives to scale financially. A controller builds processes for accounting, bookkeeping, and reporting, so key figures and metrics are available to the right people at the right time.

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FAQ About Our Controller Services

Do you have questions about controllers and our controller services?

We’ve collected some of the most common inquiries we get at Ignite Spot.



What does a controller cost?

Average annual salaries for full-time, in-house controllers run from approximately $70K to $150K. But at an outsourced rate with a company such as Ignite Spot, companies get the same experience at a fraction of the cost.


What qualifications do controllers have?

Controllers must have at least a four-year degree in accounting, if not a master's degree in accounting. At Ignite Spot, our controllers also need 5-7 years of experience. They should know their way around a complete set of financial statements, how to depreciate assets, and how to track unearned revenue.


If I need a controller, do I need a bookkeeper, accountant, and CFO?

The short answer is that yes, ideally, you should have each position filled. The fact is, each role has separate functions and focuses:

  • A controller manages strategy and helps you achieve goals by living in the now and making sense of the current situation.
  • A bookkeeper looks into historical data, inputting information and examining it to provide context for what’s happening.
  • An accountant works with data, reconciles it, and creates reports that explain events.
  • A CFO looks into the future by forecasting, business planning, modeling, and strategic thinking.

But we also recognize that each business has unique goals and needs. Talk to an Ignite Spot expert to determine the best fit for your business.

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